Friday 15 February 2013

Extramarital affairs with cheating housewives - Mature Pussy at

Extramarital affairs, married women cheating on their husbands looking for sex outside their marriage. No surprise really when you see a recent survey stating that two-thirds of women would rather avoid sex with their husbands.
So these horny, good looking women must be getting it somewhere, right? Absolutely - they are meeting guys online in discreet, private sex chat rooms, and is the place to meet with these hot, horny, sex-starved housewives, who will fuck your brains out, no commitment, no questions asked. The perfect girlfriend who just wants to fuck. The only extra benefit would be if her dad owned a brewery. But let's not get your hopes up...
So what does it all start with? If you are a single or married man looking for no complications sex with mature pussy, the first thing is to sign up for free at, upload a profile and start browsing for horny South African married women looking for sex. Here's the landing page:

Hit your target by registering (it's easy, takes two minutes - make sure to check your emails for a confirmation link), add your profile and you're in! The member's page looks like this (I'm a member, so I took this screenshot to post for you):

You can search by city, post code and a radius around your post code which is pretty neat! The married affair dating site is also mobile enabled for dating by phone; the screen will look something like this when you check a profile on your phone - this is one from, which is another great SA dating site I use (there's a review of the site here on this link):

You will get regular emails when a new match joins the site, and when you get winked at - which happens a lot! These women are a horny bunch! Mobile dating is so easy, it beats sitting at a laptop or at your desk - and it's much safer and more discreet - if your boss approaches you at work, you can just drop your phone in your pocket, easy!

One of the best features of the dating site is that you can "wink" at someone you fancy, which is a great ice breaker to see if they are interested. I got fifteen winks in my first week, without really trying with a decent profile, so it works!

These are some of the hotties on, horny married women looking for sex with you, so sign up now, nothing to lose!

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