Thursday 31 January 2013

Fast Flirts Flirt at - One of the Best Flirting sites, Free to Join!

Where do Fast Flirts love to flirt? Do you want to flirt on your mobile phone? On your tablet? On your Desktop? Anywhere that fits with your lifestyle? Well you have found, a new breed of sophisticated dating site, one of the best flirting sites that is totally geared up for today's fast moving, fast loving, fast flirting life style. And it is totally free to join! I love this flirting site, because I can access it from anywhere, on any device.  This is the mobile version of the site's landing page:

And this is what you get when you browse through a tablet of desktop:

The device selection is done automatically so you don't have to switch screens or anything. The member's area is very easy navigate, this is what you see when you register (the web version):

The site has some great features, my favourite is that I can send a wink to someone I fancy, which is a great ice breaker. I also get winks from members who fancy me. On my member's page, I can see who's online, check my messages and see my new matches, which refreshes at least once a week, there are always new members joining, so the site makes sure that I don't miss out on someone who fits with what I am looking for. 

Now for the flirting and chat options. There is everything you would expect. First the wink option as an ice breaker. You can send text messages, email messages and have cam to cam video chats as well, which are awesome. It's reassuring to see who you are flirting with, so you know you are engaging with the person in their profile.

These are some of the girls on the site (lifted from the registration page), but caters for all sexual orientations, so if you are gay, lesbian, bi curious or a couple looking for a threesome of other couples for group sex encounters, just select the right option for you from the search drop down.
I hope you have as much fun as I am having on the site, enjoy! If you are looking for flirting advice, tips on flirting and first date advice, try

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